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Proceed with Caution: 4 Things to Watch for During the Interview Process


Ciche as it may be, interviews are a two way street. And you can learn a lot from a company during the process itself - is the company organized? Do you like the culture? That said, we recommend thinking long and hard about taking a role at a place that your gut tells you may be slightly off. Here are a few signs:

  1. Scheduling the interview proves ridiculously challenging - If you get bumped around multiple times just to talk to someone, it could mean that there's internal turmoil. No doubt, changes occur, emergencies happen - but if you feel like you're not a priority, take heed.
  2. The interview panel isn't prepared - interviews allow companies to put their best foot forward to recruit you. If your interview feels haphazard, has multiple logistical issues, or just seems like an afterthought, consider whether this really is a company that puts its people first.
  3. Your follow-ups seem to have entered a black box - after the interview, it's typical to send thank you notes/emails. If your notes aren't returned or remotely acknowledged, it could mean that the company isn't really engaged in cultivating a cohesive culture.
  4. Next steps prove to be more like recommendations than commitments - told that you'd hear from your recruiter in one week - but three have gone by? Could be a sign that it's not you, it really is them. Companies should value your time and decision making process. If radio silence feels like the norm, be careful.

And, it goes without saying, but if you feel like promises for reimbursement of mileage, food, or hotel were made but not kept - pack up your gear, drop the tchotkies and run. Could be a sign of deeper issues with the team or the company as a whole. 

Have questions about trusting your gut? Contact us and we'll gladly provide you our opinion.