Own the Finish


Use the end of the interview to sneak in an important point you want to be sure to highlight.

Ever leave an interview wishing you'd have had an opportunity to talk about how you closed a major deal or done something else extraordinary? Just because you weren't asked a question that naturally allowed you to highlight your skills doesn't mean all is lost. Take advantage of the "Do you have any questions for me?" moment and the end of the interview to sneak in your point.

For example: if you want to highlight the fact that you were the first person in a previous cohort of coworkers to be offered a promotion, you could ask a question about career paths (e.g. "Can you talk to me about career paths at the company?"). And then - after the interviewer explains the process - respond with a statement about how you're driven (e.g. "Great, thanks. In my previous role, I was offered a promotion much faster than the norm due to my outstanding sales. So, I am glad to hear careers are managed by performance versus tenure.").

Leaving the interviewer with a final example of your skills will help to differentiate you from the competition and ensure you're not beating yourself up for missing a chance to make your strongest pitch.