The Art of Saying Thank You

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Common questions at the end of an interview is if and how you should send a thank you note. Here's our take on what to do.

First - definitely send a thank you. It's an important way to show both that you appreciated the interviewer's time and also that you are interested in the position. Plus, as a competitive move, it buffers you from any misperceptions that could arise if other candidates send a note and you don't.

Second - we recommend sending thank you's by email. Email is the de-facto mode of communication in the business world, so it's not surprising that you'd choose an email to close the loop. Second, it allows you to put your response in writing in the interviewer's inbox which allows her to access your note easily going forward should she want to reference it in the future. 

Finally, a strong thank is brief and impactful. Keep your note short - a few sentences will do. Open by thanking the interviewer for her time. Add a couple sentences about why you're excited about the position. And close with something that notes that you'd look forward to continuing the conversation. 

Short. Sweet. Simple.